There is a sea beneath the sea
Where the sun never shines
There is an earth beneath the earth
Where dark things writhe
And when the tide does rise
Kings, countries, and mountains, will die
When the tide does rise
- Beneath the Cerulean, chapter 3, page 88, by Kasyn Waterwalker

The party plays as a group of mercenary sailors working in a chain of islands called the Shattered Lands. Through a series of misfortune and misadventure, they’ve never been able to afford their own ship. They bounce around, working as mercenaries, smugglers, deckhands, bodyguards, navigators, whatever work they can get, they take. After a particularly catastrophe, they pissed off a terrifying crime boss known only as The Spider.
Desperately fleeing from The Spider’s wrath, they accepted a contract aboard an exploration vessel, called The Sunset Seeker, under the command of the enigmatic Captain Bahar Moheet. Strapped for cash and relishing the chance to leave for parts unknown and, hopefully, untouched by The Spider, they sign the contracts without reading exactly what their destination is.
p. It turns out, the Seeker isn’t just bound to places where no one has gone before.
It’s bound to places from whence, no one has ever returned.
p. Her first destination?
p. The Great Eye of the Storm Eternal.
p. On their travels, they’ll have fantastic adventures, explore hitherto unforeseen parts of the Shattered Lands, uncover amazing treasures beyond their wildest dreams…
p. And terrors to stop the heart.
p. There is, after all, a reason no one has returned.

The Rudderless